48. ICT-Jahrestagung


48th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT

Energetic Materials – Reactivity and Modelling: The quality of all energetic systems and applications is based on an accurate and predictable sequence of the reaction chain. Small alterations of material properties, production process parameters or environmental influences affect the proper interaction of ignition and combustion or initiation and detonation. Furthermore, new regulations require the development of REACh compatible energetic substitutes and green materials for military, space and civil applications with comparable performance to current systems. But also minor modifications of the chemical compositions may alter the functionality of the total system. To foresee and overcome such problems a fundamental understanding of the total reaction process assisted by experimental characterization and theoretical investigations of all chemical and physical components and phenomena is indispensable.

Modern measuring techniques and test methods provide a deep insight into the structure and quality of energetic substances and composition and allow the investigation of fast high temperature reactions of propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics. New chemical and physical models combined with actual computer techniques offer the possibility to simulate the transient ignition and combustion mechanism of even strongly heterogeneous pyrotechnic materials and their effect in use. 

Objective of the 48th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT will be the knowledge exchange on basic research, technical implementation, political requirements and industrial usage in respect of the forward-looking development, production and application of energetic materials related to defense technology, pyrotechnic devices and space propulsion.    

Main topics

  • Ignition and combustion of energetic materials for military, space and civil use
  • Initiation and detonation processes
  • Reaction of thermites and metals
  • Modelling and simulation issues on propellants and pyrotechnics
  • Production, characterization and testing of REACh compatible and green materia

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