We are looking for disruptive approaches to develop your business.

Many industries are undergoing profound change. Companies are facing challenges – such as the rapid development of new production technologies, increasing digitalisation and the pressure to make the economy more environmentally-friendly. The market rules are changing fundamentally and the ability of companies to adapt is becoming a key competitive factor. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic shows how quickly supply and logistics chains can be disrupted. Shifts in the global value chains mean that local and regional opportunities for collaboration are being increasingly explored.

Many companies are already actively involved in structural change, resulting in successful transformations. We are looking to celebrate solutions that have helped companies successfully adapt to new challenges. Whether you have fundamentally changed your market presence, developed surprising new business models, made your business processes or services digital successfully, or introduced innovative production technologies or materials, we want to hear about your transformation story! Successful cooperation with companies, start-ups or other institutions to develop regional value chains or innovations at any level of value creation could also be worthy of the prize.

With the NEO Innovation Prize, we want to showcase practical examples of successful business transformation and make them tangible and visible to a wide audience. So, surprise us with your transformation story. Tell us how your company or your services have been reinvented. Show us how you have strengthened your company’s competitive position through transformation, delivered economic or environmental benefits for the regional value chain or created added value through product and process innovations.

Any companies, organisations, public administrations and scientific institutions from Germany or Alsace in France are entitled to enter.

Entrants had to be applied until 21 May 2021.

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