“Reconciliation of work and family life”


The Employers’ Forum is a joint initiative of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and the Karlsruhe Alliance for the Family together with their alliance partners, the Karlsruhe-Rastatt Employment Agency, the Karlsruhe Chamber of Trades and the Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The forum is managed by the Karlsruhe Family Alliance. For more information, contact the Karlsruhe Family Alliance by phone on +49 (0)721 133 5080 or email familienbuendnis@sjb.karlsruhe.de


A family-friendly working environment improves quality of life and boosts the attractiveness of the region as a business location. So balancing work, family and health is taking on increasing significance for employee and employer alike. A family-oriented staff policy benefits both, not least in light of the demographic change we are currently undergoing. The aim of this forum is to bring about targeted improvements in reconciling work and family life by developing a range of services that will help employers in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion implement family-oriented staff policies, boost the establishment of family-friendly working conditions, improve employees’ quality of life and raise the region’s profile nationally as an attractive place for high-skilled and executive-level workers to live and work.

What the forum offers

  • Support for creating a family-friendly environment at work
  • Childcare database
  • Platform for sharing information and experience
  • Networking events at companies that promote the reconciliation of work and family life

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