The Karlsruhe EducationRegion – your lifelong road to success!

Education is something to which everyone in our society has an equal right. From preschool to third age learning, access to knowledge, education and training in any form is a privilege which we value very highly in our society. The Karlsruhe EducationRegion boasts a wide range of schools, vocational training and professional development opportunities as well as a number of highly-regarded universities and scientific institutions. Everyone can find their own personal path to success here.

Universities and research institutions

From life sciences, art and music to IT and dual study degree courses. From elementary particle physics and astrophysics to media technology and innovation research. Here you’ll find details of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion’s high-calibre universities of applied sciences.


Vocational training

The Karlsruhe EducationRegion promotes all talent with an immense choice of exciting professions, from traditional trades to brand new, exciting areas of work resulting from intensive collaboration between academia and business, dual training and careers in the creative sector.


Professional development

Lifelong learning is something we take literally in the Karlsruhe EducationRegion. If you want to stay at the top of your game, it’s essential to keep your knowledge up to date. The Karlsruhe EducationRegion is home to numerous organisations offering everyone the chance to keep in touch with the latest trends.



The Karlsruhe EducationRegion extends across parts of two federal states, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland Palatinate, and therefore offers a choice of schools under the two slightly different school systems, ranging from primary and secondary schools to vocational, technical and grammar schools (Grund-, Werkreal- Sonder- and (integrierte) Gesamtschule, Realschule and Realschule plus, Fachoberschule, Gymnasium and berufsbildende Schule). There are also specialist schools such as Waldorf and private schools and the multilingual European School Karlsruhe – plenty of choice for all abilities and talents.