NEO2023 – The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion Innovation Prize

We are looking for innovative materials to drive innovation!


The deadline for applications was 10 July.

We need innovations more urgently than ever. They are the key to meeting the major challenges of our time, such as climate change, energy transition, miniaturization, sustainability, the scarcity of resources and the rising world population, and to securing our position in the increasingly fierce international competition. In our view, the development of sustainable materials or particularly smart properties of materials are important drivers for innovation. They pay off in terms of reducing resource consumption, reuse or recyclability, the more effective use and application in new areas.

The TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe is therefore honouring innovative materials with smart and/or sustainable properties with this year’s Innovation Award. Their use is an important step towards a sustainable and resource-saving future because, for example, they make technologies more efficient or cost-effective or are drivers in the development of innovative products.

We have been honouring innovations for the world of tomorrow with the NEO since 2010. Each year is dedicated to a current topic of the future. But NEO is more than just a prize - it guarantees you an interesting platform and a lot of attention from decision-makers from business, science and local authorities.

This year we are once again offering our prize money of 20,000 euros nationwide and across borders in the French Alsace. For the first time, we award an audience prize. We look forward to receiving your submissions and are curious to see how you meet the challenges of our times. The deadline for applications was 10 July. Thank you for your interesting applications.