Karlsruhe, the SportsRegion – we play to win!

More than 1,500 sports clubs, 450,000 members, 60 different sports and a workforce of 1.8 million – sport in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion gets people moving!


There’s a sport to suit every ambition and ability in the SportsRegion – from gentle exercise to elite performance, from amateur to pro, from fun to extreme, from team sports to individual disciplines.

Sport is omnipresent in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion – for relaxation and entertainment, at school, at work or at the sports club.

Whether you’re a player or a spectator, sport makes the hearts of everyone in the region beat faster, it brings people together, it’s fun and it gets you moving.  


Sport as an economic factor

Sport has long since shed its old image of something you do to keep fit. These days it’s a permanent fixture of modern life. This rapidly growing industry is creating new markets with highly profitable products and services.

Not only does sport create as much added value as vehicle manufacturing, it also plays a significant role in the job market, providing work for 1.8 million people. Its appeal – and not just at elite level – has a major impact on the way cities and regions market themselves as business locations. Sporting events generate substantial revenues. Sport is a major economic factor.



The sports clubs in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion are committed to providing high quality leisure opportunities, physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. They provide a wealth of volunteering opportunities and take their responsibility to society as a whole very seriously. The diversity and high quality of sports in the region is one of our recipes for success. The Karlsruhe SportsRegion has opportunities for everyone wanting to take part in sports at any level, with around 1,500 sports clubs offering almost 60 different types of sports. Between them the clubs have around 450,000 members, meaning that more than a third of the region’s inhabitants are involved in a sports club of some kind.

You can find details of local sports clubs and the activities they offer on local community websites.


Sports associations

www.Badischer-Sportbund.de (for the City and Administrative District of Karlsruhe)
www.bsb-freiburg.de (for the City of Baden-Baden and the Rastatt Administrative District)
www.sportbund-pfalz.de (for the Germersheim and Südliche Weinstrasse Administrative Districts)


Leading clubs 

Ooser Schachgesellschaft Baden-Baden
Volleyball Bühl
Tischtennis TV Busenbach / Damen
ASV Grünwettersbach / Herren
Tennis Club Rüppurr
Ringen SV Germania Weingarten


Highlights from the SportsRegion and major national events and organisations


Indoor Meeting
Skate Night
Städteolympiade Sportkreisjugend
Badische Meile Fun Run
Fiducia Marathon


TV Sandweier e. V., Abt. Handball
First Chair Karin Fierhauser-Merkel, e-mail: Karinfim@aol.com
SCL Heel Baden-Baden e. V.
Herr Bernd Hefter, e-mail: BerndHefter@arcor.de
Ooser Schachgesellschaft Baden-Baden 1922 e. V.
First Chair Jens Thieleke, e-mail: jens@thieleke.eu
Kunstradsportverein Rebland e. V. Varnhalt
Florian Trefzger, e-mail: florian.trefzger@gmx.de
Südbadische Sportschule Steinbach
Christian Reinschmidt, e-mail: info@sportschule-steinbach.de
Sportstiftung Kurt Henn
Birgitt Henn, e-mail: info@Sportstiftung-BAD.de


Kraichgau Challenge
Forst Power Jumping 
Skittles World Championships 2017 
German Wrestling Championships 2016


City Cup Bretten 
Annual rhythmic gymnastics meeting with international participants 
Kickers Büchig 
Outstanding annual U13-REWE-CUP youth tournament 
TV Bretten  
Founded in 1846, the Bretten Gymnastics Club is the biggest club in Bretten, with more than 3,400 members and 1,250 active gymnasts in 13 different disciplines.
VfB Bretten 
Soccer, Baseball 
Club with a strong youth outreach element

Rastatt Administrative District

Baden Rhinos - Ice Hockey team of the ESC Hügelsheim 09 e.V.


Jiu-Jitsu Kampfsportverein Rastatt e. V. 
38 championship titles since 2000, including

  • 26 German champions, 
  • two European vice-champions,
  • three European champions, 
  • two world vice-champions and
  • five world champions. 

The club is the German national junior training centre for jiu-jitsu.   
Taekwondo Club Rastatt e. V.

Clubs with special social commitment

Rastatter SC / DJK e.V.
This club is very active in disability sports, particularly wheelchair sports. It also plans to offer regular training sessions for refugees in the future. In June 2015, Rastatter SC/DJK was involved in the DFB lap of honour by the 2014 World Cup winning team. The multi-sport club set up a youth division in summer 2015, offering coaching for young people of different ages.

Turnados Turnerschaft Durlach