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9. September



Ringvorlesung Data Literacy: Artifical Intelligence and the Future of Education


Der Vortrag findet statt im Hertz-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.11) des KIT Campus Süd. Er beginnt um 16 Uhr


(Vortrag in englischer Sprache mit anschließender Diskussion)


The introduction of artificial intelligence to education has profound implications for the future of children and young people. Its adoption has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in relation to aspects of learning such as online assessments. Artificial intelligence is however a highly nuanced technology with potential for good as well as harm.


This talk explores the different ways artificial intelligence is deployed within the education sector, including through the latest developments in behavioural biometrics, and also discusses the associated social and ethical implications of its adoption. It asks questions about whether the data privacy rights of learners are respected or exploited, within what has become a highly marketized system that is frequently underpinned by public finance. The talk is suitable for technology specialists as well as the general public.


Referentin: Referentin: Dr. Sandra Leaton Gray (Associate Professor of Education am University College London, Institute of Education, UK)


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