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UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2021 in Melbourne



The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is moving to December 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has illustrated that while we cannot control everything, we must continue to plan with the information at hand – and it’s important for UITP to not just bring the public transport sector together, but to do so in the safest environment possible.

With this thinking in mind, we’ve made the joint decision with our local event host The Department of Transport Victoria to move the next edition of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit from 6-9 June 2021 to 14-17 December 2021 at the same destination, the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

With the support of your members, exhibitors, delegates and sponsors - we know that making the move to December gives us the time to build an even better edition of the world’s biggest and best event dedicated to urban mobility. In December 2021, we will land in the middle of Melbourne’s summer, giving everyone involved the chance to enjoy the full Australian experience! 

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