Treffen zwischen dem Netzwerk RESILIAN und TRK GmbH

Fand am 26. August 2021 bei der Firma NORCAN in Hagenau statt

On Thursday, August 26, 2021 took place the meeting between the RESILIAN network (Network
of innovative industrialists of Northern Alsace) and the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH
(TRK) in Haguenau in the offices of NORCAN ( The TechnologieRegion
Karlsruhe GmbH ( is a development organization for
the crossborder region which includes the territory of Mittlerer Oberrhein, Palatinat South and
the north of Alsace.

Representatives of both companies were present, as well as Dr. Frank Mentrup (Mayor of Stadt Karlsruhe and President of the Supervisory Board of TRK) and Claude Sturni (Mayor of Haguenau and President of the Agglomeration Community of Haguenau).

After the presentation of the structures and their projects, exchanges focused on the cooperation around the theme "industry of the future" were held. A tour of the NORCAN company, with a demonstration of the SHERPA Mobile Robotics© robot (, perfectly illustrated the capacity for innovation and transformation of a North Alsatian SME. This meeting is part of the process of strengthening cooperation between the "industry of the future" networks of the PAMINA Eurodistrict (, which began more than a year
ago with the discovery of the Munich innovation ecosystem with a delegation of industrial leaders from the PAMINA area, supported by ADIRA and the PAMINA Business Club.

The TRK and RESILIAN wish to further develop these cross-border exchanges and deploy concrete actions between business networks to develop the industry of the future and thus improve the competitiveness of local companies.
Done in Haguenau, September 01, 2021